DW Helps Northeast PA Manufacturer Meet Compliance

DW Spectrum IPVMS #1

As a Security Professional it is very rare that we get the opportunity to showcase our projects, the majority of the work we do gets done behind the scenes and is generally not public knowledge, when asked to provide a reference for the work performed the customer generally chooses to remain anonymous, this makes it extremely difficult to market The Quality of our Service.

Author Harry Beckwith mentioned in his book “Selling the Invisible” that deciding to purchase a service could be one of the most stressful things a customer can do. A service is not tangible, the customer cannot preview, see, taste, or touch a service prior to buying it, at the end of the day they basically agree to proceed with the project based on a promise from the Contractor that he will do the work he says he will do and do it for the price he says he will.

I would like to make a standing promise to our customers that at Anthracite Electric our Service Quality is our #1 Priority. I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the quality of our work and the manner in which it is performed. To see what others have said please visit the Testimonial tab on the home page of our website https://www.anthraciteelectric.com. Also please take the time to read through the Case Study that manufacturer Digital Watchdog has produced about the work we performed for one of our many satisfied customers.