As Electric Vehicles become more affordable in Northeast PA we are seeing a rise in requests for dedicated circuits for Level 2 EV Chargers. Our skilled technicians can install dedicated EV circuits ranging from 20a 240vac to 100a 240vac. We have experience with Tesla, Audi, Chevy, Ford and many other manufacturer brands.

Whether you are looking for flat panel TV installation in a room that does not have one, upgrade your existing TV to a larger model or higher resolution you have come to the right place. Our team at Anthracite Electric had been installing Flat Panel TV’s on walls since the first Plasma Screens became available to consumers. Since 2005 we have installed hundreds of TV’s in our customers’ homes and businesses throughout the Scranton area. a basic TV installation takes just a few hours, we can provide the TV and bracket or install one that you provide. When we are finished, no wires will be visible and your new TV will be ready for you to sit down and enjoy.

Wireless technology is a part of our everyday life, smart phones, tablets, watches, TV’s and other devices in your home use internet to operate. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video use a lot of data and bandwidth to operate. The average home in Northeast Pa uses Xfinity or some sort of High Speed Internet, most subscribers settle for the wireless router built-in to the Internet companies modem, or purchase a router that is on sale at BestBuy or Staples, this is fine if your home has one TV and no children. The average homes Wi-Fi network is not strong enough to support the technology within the home, this is where our value comes into play. Our technician can evaluate your home and recommend the necessary equipment to help maximize the full potential of the internet you pay for and to help your devices operate at their full potential with minimum buffer times. Our estimates are always free and there is never an obligation to buy.

While wireless has become the easiest, cheapest, and most widely used form of communication, there is still valid uses for hard wired communication. Desktop PC’s, Network Printers, IP Cameras, Telephone Systems, and even TV’s still have network jacks. While 80% of our current CAT5 installs are for small business owners and light commercial buildings, we still get a good number of requests to run category cables in residential homes. After having difficulty with some of the streaming functions of a modern Smart TV I called the manufacturer and was surprised at the answer I was given. The manufacturer of this TV told me that “As TV’s get lighter and thinner sometimes there are sacrifices that need to be made, some of the high-end components do not fit into the thin middle of the line TV’s, and that most of the consumers are only focused on resolution and not the wireless capabilities.” At this point we ran a hard-wired internet line to the TV and the issues we previously had with videos buffering went away. The moral to this story is that if the customer was a do-it-yourselfer and had not hired a professional to install and setup her TV she would have most likely dealt with the problem and learned to accept “I guess this is how this is supposed to work” or she would have returned the TV and possibly walk away from a brand disappointed, instead she now enjoys her TV and all of the streaming functions it offers.

Have you every driven past a home at night that made you turn your head and look at it? A properly installed Landscape Lighting System can make your home appear to glow at night, the contrast between light and shadows perfectly accenting the exterior. Landscape lighting is very affordable and makes a visual statement that you are proud of your home and want people to know it. There are many different variations of fixtures and now thanks to LED technology you can power a larger quantity of fixtures off a smaller transformer than in the past, lowering your cost of install. If you have an existing system and it is not working properly, call our team and we can help troubleshoot it and get it back up to 100%.

Since I was a young child my father tried to get me and my siblings to shut off the lights when we were not using them, now that I am a father I try to get my daughters to do the same, with one exception, we leave our outside lights on. Having the outside of your home or property well illuminated at night is a deterrent. In my opinion thieves are less likely to target a home that is well lit, they prefer darkness. Motion Sensors and LED technology has come a long way over the past two years, and is very affordable. Our team can install motion sensors around the perimeter of your home or business, if there is no motion the lights will be off, as soon as the sensors detect motion the lights will come on and stay on for a set amount of time. Back to our story about thieves, if a thief were to wonder off the main sidewalk into your driveway and the bright lights kicked on I would be willing to bet that he is going to turn around and target a home without lights. If your home or business has one of our Video Surveillance systems installed, security lighting can help to improve the quality of the recorded video at night. Call us today for your free estimate, we service all of Northeast PA.

If you live in an older home with older wiring sometimes you need to play the breaker game, for example, if you need to make sure the microwave is off before running the dishwasher, or shut off the air conditioner before trying to run the sweeper. The average home in NEPA has an electrical system that was designed over 20yrs ago. Modern appliances are convenient to have, but most homes do not have enough branch circuits to support simultaneous operation. Our technicians are skilled at fishing new wires to modern appliances. Let us help you get rid of the extension cords and install new outlets to support your electronics.

It feels like every time we watch the news there was a fire somewhere that consumed a home or business and left a family with nothing. Battery operated smoke detectors are good IF when the batteries die you put new ones in. Having a Hard-Wired smoke detector system in your home ensures that your system will be active when and if you need it to do its job. Each Smoke detector is interconnected to the rest by the wiring and each has a built-in battery to allow the system to work in the event of a power outage. Interconnected means that if one Smoke Detector goes off they all go off, alerting the family to vacate the property. Most modern smoke detectors have a life span of 8~10 years, after this there is a good chance that if there is a fire the detector will not do its job. If you have one of our Burglar Alarm systems installed, ask us about installing intelligent Smoke Detectors in your home that will automatically dispatch the Fire Company if an event were to occur.

A good friend of mine said to me once, “You don’t know what you don’t know”. The average Homeowner will go to an electronics box store and purchase a new TV, Sound System, or Computer and spend over $1000.00, and then purchase a $15 plug strip that says “Surge Strip” and think that they are covered. A properly installed Surge Protection System can allow your electronics to stay operational for their intended life span. Have you ever been in the middle of watching a TV show and had the power to your home shut off for a couple seconds, shutting down your TV, Cable or Satellite box, and Internet connection? and then must wait 5 or 10 minutes before everything is back up and running? If your answer is YES than you have experienced a Brownout. While a single Brownout will in most cases not cause the equipment to fail, multiple Brownouts over a period can cause your expensive equipment to prematurely fail. Surges in voltage can immediately cause equipment to fail. Our fix for these problems is a Professional Surge Protection System, we start at the heart of your electrical system “The Main Panel” and install a protection device that monitors and protects the panel, we then install a surge receptacle at the equipment location. In cases where there is Home Theater Equipment we install a line conditioner that monitors the specific voltage. If the incoming voltage is to high the conditioner trims the voltage down, if the incoming voltage is to low the conditioner boosts the voltage up, always insuring that the equipment has the manufacturer recommended voltage to operate. We also offer UPS and Battery backup systems to keep your Internet Modem, Router, and DVR’s up and running during small Brownout’s. If you live in NEPA and your power is constantly going out you may want to consider one of our Standby Generator Systems.

An Electrical System relies on Grounding and Bonding to function properly, reduce the risk of shock, and allow the breakers to trip if an event were to occur. Most homes and Businesses rely on a Ground-Rod and Water-Bond to ground the system. PEX water piping has become very popular with the do-it-yourselfers, what most homeowners don’t know is that when the take out a portion of the copper water piping and replace it with PEX they interrupt the continuity of the bonded system. We offer a Bonding and Grounding Inspection service, where we come to your home and check that the electrical system is properly bonded and grounded. We start at the Main Electrical panel, tightening all the ground and neutral connections in the panel, verify that a ground rod is present and that the grounding conductor is tight and the proper size for the service, we verify the cold-water bond and intersystem bonding jumper for communications systems.

In addition to protecting your home our Alarm Panels can give you the control over the items within your home. Light Switches, Thermostats, Door Locks, Flood/Freeze Detection are just some of the things that you can control from your mobile device. Simple automation commands can help save you money, for example, when your alarm is armed in away mode you can also have the system send a command that will lock the doors, turn off the lights and set the thermostat back to 68 degrees. This is just one example of how to automate your home and have it work for you. If you install one of our flood detectors in your mechanical room and your water heater or furnace starts to leak you will immediately be notified via text message or email so you can get it fixed.

Whether you are throwing a party or just cleaning the house having back ground music in all or some of the rooms in your home is nice. We can install individual volume controls in each room that control the speakers in that room, the wiring goes back to a central amplifier that runs whatever source you choose, iTunes, XM Radio or HD radio, even CD’s for those of you that still prefer them. To operate you walk into the room and set the volume control at the level of your choice, when you are done turn the volume control off and the music is gone. If you prefer wireless, we can set you up with a system from Sonos or Amazon’s Echo Platform.

If you have ever been without power for a couple hours or lost a refrigerator full of food because of an outage you have probably considered having a Standby Generator installed. Our systems utilize automatic transfer switches which start the generator and automatically transfer your homes electrical system to work from the generators power, when the Utility Companies power is restored the transfer switch automatically switches back running your homes power from the Utility. Most installations can be completed in one business day. Call us today for a Free In-Home Estimate.

You made the commitment to purchase a new Pool, Hot-Tub, or Spa and the company you are purchasing it from lets you know that it is your responsibility to get an Electrician to run the new wiring and connect the equipment. Don’t panic, that is what we are here for, our technicians can run the wiring, install the breakers, and connect your equipment in time for you to start enjoying it. We work with the pool company to coordinate the installation schedule and provide a warranty on our work after the service.

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