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Pro-Active or Re-Active Surveillance Camera Systems

Typically, when a customer contacts us and ask for our help designing and installing a Surveillance Camera System for their home or small business it is for 1 of 2 reasons:

Pro-Active Approach

The customer feels that the community in which their home or business resides is not what it used to be, crime rates are up due to a poor economy and they feel that having a Video Surveillance System could potentially deter thieves from targeting their property or provide evidence to the local authorities should an event occur.

Re-Active Approach

The customer had something bad happen to them.  Either theft, vandalism, damage, slip and fall, etc.  Something happened and they cannot prove what it was, this leaves a feeling of uncertainty and violation with the customer.  They now feel that if they had a Video Surveillance System they would have been able to review it and see what had happened.

If you fall into either of these 2 categories, the good news is that you are now taking the first step at securing your future peach of mind.  A professionally installed Video Surveillance System will provide Video Evidence of the covered areas over the agreed duration of time.

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Our Process

Initial Meeting

Upon contacting us we will schedule a time to come out and look at your property.  This step is important because it allows our trained staff to look over the areas you would like a surveillance camera to cover and evaluate them for installation.  We look at the ability to get wiring from the camera to the recorder, existing light sources that may help or harm the view of the camera, obstacles that may prevent the shot (trees, shrubs, gutters, chimneys), and overall how to get you a system that will meet or exceed your expectations.

Pricing and Quotation

After our initial meeting, we will go to work and put a proposal together that reflects the items discussed during our walkthrough.  We do not take a “one size fits all” approach to designing your system, we do not install box sets, we do customize the latest technology and find the products that best fit your situation and budget.

Acceptance and Installation

Once the project is approved and the deposit is received we will order the materials and schedule the installation.  Materials typically take 1~3 business days to arrive, installation is usually within 2 weeks or the contract being signed.

Warranty after the Installation

We provide a 1yr parts and labor warranty on all of the products we install.  After the 1yr the balance of the manufacturer parts warranty is available to the customer.

NOTE: Cameras are like shoes, there are hundreds of brands ranging by price, style, size, focal length, IR distance, analog, digital, etc. Since 2005 we have installed hundreds of systems, we are trained to maximize the view of each camera to cut down on quantity of cameras needed for the install and minimize the budget necessary to obtain your goals. It is my strong opinion that Video Surveillance should not be looked at as a do it yourself task, you get what you pay for and if you use a professional you will get professional results.